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Terms and Conditions

1. The booking becomes binding once Soul Camping has received a completed booking form, guests have agreed to our terms and conditions, and made full payment for the holiday and Soul Camping has confirmed the dates of your hire period by email.
2. Upon arrival we will require credit or debit card details to act as a security deposit against loss or damage to anything at the campsite.

3. The booking is for the number of persons specified in the booking form and Soul Camping reserve the right to charge should additional campers be brought and, in extreme cases, to refuse entry.
1. Notice of cancellation must be given by email to arrive not later than six weeks prior to your booked arrival in which case 25% of the total cost of the holiday will be forfeited at the discretion of Soul Camping.
2. In the event of cancellation made less than six weeks prior to your booked arrival you will be liable for the total hire cost unless Soul Camping can rebook on the same terms for the full period of your holiday. In the event of re-booking 25% of the total cost of the holiday will be forfeited at the discretion of Soul Camping. You may wish to obtain travel insurance to cover this eventuality.

Security Deposit
1. The security deposit is to cover damage, breakages or extra cleaning that may be required as a result of your occupation of the site. If we have cause to debit your account to cover losses we will send you an invoice via email, which will be fully itemised and may include an administration fee.

2. You are responsible for any damage or loss caused to the equipment regardless of culpability. Should the security deposit be insufficient to cover all costs incurred by Soul Camping in repairs, replacement or cleaning, you will be liable for any balance.

Tent Usage & Site Safety
In the interests of all persons using the site the following must be strictly observed:
1. No cooking appliances of any kind may be used inside the tent.
2. There are no candles or naked flames allowed in the tents.

3. No pets to be brought onto the site.
4. No smoking inside the tents.
5. Parents/carers are responsible for the safety of their children at all times when on the site. Children must be supervised when playing on or using the play equipment provided by Soul Camping and Soul Camping accepts no responsibly for any accident that occurs as a result of playing on or usage of the play equipment.
6. Cars coming onto the site must only be parked in designated areas. Only with the permission of the staff may they be driven elsewhere.
7. All instructions concerning the use of the hot tub, your kitchen area, toilet and provided equipment must be strictly obeyed.

8.Campfires are only permitted in designated fire pits.

Liability in General
1. Soul Camping, its agents, officers and employees accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to any persons or property suffered during the period of your holiday which occurs on the site or is in any way connected to it. In particular Soul Camping will not accept liable for any damage or injury caused by one or more of the following: Act of God including tempest, fire, flood, storm or natural disaster.

Amendment of Conditions
Soul Camping reserves the right to amend its website and its terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice should this be required by law or by circumstances.


Soul Camping Cornwall terms and conditions of hot tub use

All persons using the hot tub and entering the enclosed hot tub area must abide by the terms and conditions at all times.

Soul Camping Cornwall, it’s owners and its employees accept no liability for injury or death caused for any reason to any person within the hot tub area or the hot tub.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the hot tub area or the hot tub unless supervised by a person over 21 years of age. Children under the age of 4 are not allowed in the hot tub at all. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their children at all times. Soul Camping Cornwall cannot be held responsible if children gain access to the hot tub area.

All guests using the hot tub must abide by these rules of use:

  • Guests must fill and heat the hot tubs according to the written instructions provided and the demonstration they are given upon arrival.

  • If a guest has not been given a demonstration on how to safely use the hot tub and if we do not have a signed copy, from the guest, of our hot tub terms and conditions on file then the guest does not have our permission to use the hot tub.

  • When your hot tub session is over, please empty and clean the hot tub and area as if you were emptying a bath. Ensure that the fire is extinguished and that the area is left in the clean condition in which you found it.

  • Please take a short, hot soapy shower before entering the hot tub, taking particular care to wash off any heavy make-up and body lotions.

  • As well as your bathing costume & towel please bring with you a pair of outdoor slip on shoes (flip-flops are fine). This allows you to keep your feet clean whilst walking around the tub therefore keeping our hot tub clean.

  • Only bathing costumes to be worn in the hot tub – no underwear or clothing.

  • Don’t urinate in the hot tub.

  • No soaps or oils are allowed in the hot tub.

  • Running, jumping, & climbing is not permitted anywhere in the hot tub area.

  • If you discover a fault or that any part of the hot tub area is damaged please cease use of the hot tub and contact Leah immediately on 07825 955316. If you have the opportunity, advise fellow guests against using the hot tub.

  • To promote the cleanliness of our hot tub we ask that people with skin, ear, genital or other body infections refrain from using the hot tub.

  • No glass allowed in the hot tub area, please use the plastic cups provided.

  • No food allowed in the hot tub area.

  • Do not use the hot tub if you have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

  • Whilst in the hot tubs do not submerge your head or swallow the water.

  • All spa users are encouraged to drink plenty of cold, fresh water, which is provided.

  • Take regular breaks when using the hot tub. Please get out straight away if you experience: nausea, dizziness, faintness, rapid pulse, irregular heart beat, stomach pains or tingling in hands or feet.

  • Our strict hygiene rules are based on very tough European regulations for public spas. We only use water of drinking quality in our hot tubs.


If you are suffering from any of the below you must not use the hot tub:

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Migraines

  • Stomach upset or sickness within the last 14 days

  • Heart or respiratory problems

  • Any illness that can cause the inability to perspire

  • Any other serious illness

  • If you are pregnant you must not use the hot tub


You will be asked to read and sign a copy of the above on arrival at Soul Camping Cornwall to acknowledge that you fully understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

If you are part of a larger party and you arrive after the initial site tour and demonstration has been carried out you will be given the opportunity to have a demonstration and sign our terms and conditions at 10am the next morning. DO NOT USE THE HOT TUB UNTIL THEN!

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