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space to find yourself

There is no better place to watch the sun set and the moon rise in peaceful solitude.


Soul Camping is in an isolated meadow overlooking the wild Atlantic Ocean.

Each tent is its own sanctuary with everything you need already here waiting for you to arrive

and unwind.






In the tent you will find:


A double bed and as many single mattresses as you require for your party.

Good quality cotton linen is provided.

The double bed had 4 pillows, 1 13 tog duvet, and a bed spread.

The single beds have 1 pillow, 1 13 tog duvet and a blanket.

There are rugs on the floor and hampers, chests or baskets for your belongings.

The tents are lit by solar power and each tent has a torch.


In the field kitchen you will find:


A first aid kit


A gas hob, a sink with hot and cold water. We are on the mains and the water is fine to drink.


Crockery, cutlery and pots and pans. Graters, bottle openers, coffee pots, wine glasses, salad bowls, tea towels and all those sorts of things are provided.


A large table and benches that will seat 15 people.


Built in cool boxes (we change the ice packs everyday for you)

A large food storage box for each tent.


Washing up liquid, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper are here for your use.


The area is lit by solar lights and we provide lanterns and candles for the dining table.


If you require any special items in the kitchen that you think we may not have drop us an email and check.

Remember we are entirely off grid, so we have no microwave, dishwasher, or blender.


In the living room tent you will find…


Rugs, cushions, games, books, dressing up clothes, a large low round table and solar lights.


In the shower room you will find…


A shower designed to fit multiple children in! (we have 4 children and camp and surf a lot, we know how this works!)


A big trug/ baby-toddler bath for little ones that need a soak.


A sink with hot and cold water.


Soap and a hand towel are provided for hand washing.

If you wish to hire shower towels from us please let us know in advance at least 1 week before your stay.


Outside you will find…


All BBQ tools are kept in the field kitchen, please help yourself but make sure they are returned clean the next day. Each campfire has a round grill that fits on top.


Fire lighters and matches can be found under the sink in the field kitchen. We ask guests to replace what they use.


A sand pit


A wood fired hot tub


Each tent has a table and chairs near their own campfire. Feel free to bring what you need from the field kitchen to eat with your family and cook on your fire.


Out door toys like frizbees and balls are hidden all over the place, seek and you will find!




Our composting loos are lovely little huts with real loo seats. The only difference is that instead of flushing with water you pour sawdust down the hole to cover up the wee and poo. The worms do the rest for us! We’ll show you when you arrive how much saw dust to use so it doesn’t smell. Between guests we dump a load of soil down too so you get a fresh hole for your holiday!


We provide hand sanitizer, but recommend going to the shower room to wash your hands anyway.


What you should bring with you…


WELLIES!! Even if it is forecast sunshine! (hopefully you won’t need them)

Rain gear (again, hopefully you won’t need it)

Lots of warm jumpers! It gets much colder at night by the sea than it does in the city. If you want to sit out and enjoy the evenings bring extra warm jumpers.

Woolly hats, honestly, this way you can play outside late in to the night. You don’t want to miss the moon rising over the sea because you have to retreat to your tent.

Warm pyjamas. We provide warm bedding, and generally you will be kicking the top layer off, but just in case. I have known it to drop to 5º at night in August (that is the optimal temperature for a fridge!)

It is better to “be prepared”!


Beach gear, towels, swim stuff, sun cream, flip flops, sun hats.


Extra torches, if your children all want one to run about with.


Medicine for your family. We have a first aid kit, but it doesn’t hold Calpol or adult pain killers or anti histamines etc.

All your general toiletries. Please note that there is nowhere to plug in an electric razor.


Enough clothes to last your stay as there is no washing machine.





Your finest jewels! Bring nothing that you would not be happy leaving in a tent or locking in your car.


Your hair dryer, there is nowhere to plug it in.

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